KWR Appliances offers a wide variety of used washing machines for rental homes, first-time home purchases and commercial clients.  We ensure that all of our used washers meet the following standards and take great pride in our inventory.

Clean and free of bugs

Drain hose included

Delivery and Set-up available

Performance warranty

   Basic Washers  $175 - $200


These appliances may have obvious exterior blemishes so you may want to put them behind closed doors ; however, they do get the job done.

  Standard Washers  $200 - $275


These appliances are typically 7 to 15 years of age and have minimal scratches and dings.  Many times we will have matching sets available for purchase.



Deluxe Washers     $225 - $500+


          These look almost new and may have digital controls.




  1. Please measure the space to ensure the appliance will fit.  This includes any doors that the appliance will have to pass through.

  2. If you have an appliance with digital controls, it is controlled by a computer board.  These appliances typically are more energy efficient.  The cost to repair these, however, is more expensive so this is something to consider before a purchase.



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